Sexta-feira, 15 de Outubro de 2010
The Solvers' Manifesto

We, programmers that have learned how to combine fonts, shapes and colors so you could offer your client a professional looking interface. We, designers that have learned how to edit video and mix audio so you could have an effective commercial for your company. We, audio and video technicians that have learned how to build a webpage so you could have your trailer on the internet without spending a dime.

We are here.

We are not programmers. Programmers don't have to make banners based on your nephews drawing. We are not designers. Designers don't have to know how to post-produce a film. We are not audio or video technicians. Audio and video technicians don't have to worry about validating your 30 field form using JavaScript so you can sell your movie online.

We are many.

Yet, we still don't know what we are. We are not multimedia engineers, because we are not engineers. We are not IT experts. Experts don't get paid two beers and a cheeseburger. We are not art developers, because artists get a lot more respect.

We are not jobless, yet there is no name for what we do. And because of that, our craft hasn't earned any respect. We are not the computer guy. We are not the girl that knows how to draw. We are not the smart intern.

We are multi taskers.

We are fast learners.

We are good listeners.

We are self taught.

We are good people, because we care about your problems, and we fix them.

We are solvers.

We know how to do anything. If we don't know how to do it, we know how to go about getting it done. And if that doesn't work either, we know a lot more people like us. A solver that will help us, and will teach us how to do it.

We learn from each other.

We help each other.

We teach each other.

We recognize each other.

We are a tribe.

We don't care about your corporative lingo, as you don't care about our obscure movie references. We don't care about your suits, as you don't care about our t-shirts with geeky puns. But we respect you, and you should respect us. Like you respect a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic or a plumber. You wouldn't second guess a doctor. You wouldn't tell a mechanic to "keep that part, its old but I like it that way".

Some of us are big time CEO's, some of us have us have earned some credit in small circles, usually populated by people like ourselves. But most of us are exploited, doing odd jobs for you just because we are the only ones that know how to do it.

You can't graduate on what we do. We can't teach you how to do it.

We are curious, critics of our job, thinkers. We have learned from many people and we've tried and erred until we got it. We are persistent. We work when you've left. We are experts in nothing, yet we know a great deal about almost everything.

We are Solvers. That's what we do. We solve your problems. As fast as we can.

We are Solvers. We like what we do. 

But please, show some appreciation once in a while.


10 comentários:
De carlossantos a 15 de Outubro de 2010 às 11:12
Great! We need a soundtrack for this post! :)

De rmargarida a 15 de Outubro de 2010 às 11:22

Ok, where's the "favorite" button on this thing?

De lpedro a 15 de Outubro de 2010 às 11:41
Amazing piece of writing. And more, amazing piece of thought. Props :)

De joao-ramos a 15 de Outubro de 2010 às 12:33
I'm deeply in love with "We are good people, because we care about your problems, and we fix them". Awesome!

De nsimaria a 15 de Outubro de 2010 às 13:24
Thanks for all the props, guys. It's your manifesto too. Let's use it wisely and spread the word :)

De joaoafonso a 16 de Outubro de 2010 às 11:21
This great post would make a great video that could take this message to a wider audience... the ones that really need to read it.

This message translated into "images per second" with a "kick ass" soundtrack (as suggested by Carlos Santos), embedded on web page and spread across social networks would most certainly go viral!

Let's hit them with what we do, maybe then they will understand!

De nsimaria a 16 de Outubro de 2010 às 18:33
If any solvers at DeCA are up for it I'm in. It would mean much more if we make it a community effort.

De Marco Pinheiro a 16 de Outubro de 2010 às 12:04
Just brilliant!!
I can recognize myself in 90% of your words, congrats!

De celsolopes a 16 de Outubro de 2010 às 14:41
Outstanding post !

De Afonso Martins a 10 de Dezembro de 2010 às 13:46
Very nice post!!!

Let's make it viral!!!


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