Terça-feira, 19 de Outubro de 2010
OK, we're here, now what?

Let's say that reading the Manifesto brought us all to the same room, being room a current state of mind. What should we do to correct this flaw we've discovered (or finally put words to) in our surroundings?

For starters, I think it would be best if we all took our modesty coats off before we begin. Leave them in the hanger and take a seat.

Now that we are confortable enough we can ask ourselves this question:

Where does our talent come from?

I'd say that it has something to do with a new way of learning things. Being able to seek knowledge for ourselves by curiousing around, paying attention to those really precious nuggets of good information in a plethora of trivia. And this behaviour comes naturally. Suddenly we realize we really learnt something when we thought we were procrastinating. Go figure.

Also, what makes us Solvers is that we are smart enough to realize that we are ignorant about something. In some way that makes us thirsty. We go on and implicate ourselves in the matter at hand until we say "Ok, I already have what I want, that'll be all for now, buhbye." and move on.

Of course, that doesn't get you job or a diploma. And no, that doesn't get you published either. You ONLY get the knowledge. And that, for us, is enough. 

(Actually, it isn't, we have to bare with the things that drove us to the Manifesto so we can pay the mortgage, the car, the beer.)

I'm not saying we should get paid extra for having this attitude of wanting to know when you really don't have to. I only think that if we assume our deviation maybe we would finally have a "more adequate purpose" when hired. Maybe being a Solver will be recognized. Maybe employers will start looking for people like us once the word gets into their "corporative lingo".

Because our kind really is needed in companies, institutes, universities and, of course, at Christmas, when you have to connect the laptop to the TV so that the family can see the pictures taken earlier that night.

And we are eager to please.

Someone I respect said "Make a video. Make it viral.". Of course, something like that would only mean anything if it were to be a community effort. With that in mind we also know that laying the grounds for upcoming Solvers is what DeCA (or at least NTC) is all about, right? So maybe there are a couple of teachers out there that will relate to this (being themselves Solvers) and maybe suggest their students to do something like that and release it with the DeCA's seal of approval.

Because that would be a message that people would pay attention to. And that would be a project that would really help our students when they finish their studies and try to get into the job market. And (why not?) maybe draw some atention to DeCA.

Maybe that won't go anywhere. Maybe it will only have a couple of views on YouTube. But, if it really goes viral, we get to watch it spread. We get to see it, we get to study it, and we get to measure it. And THAT you can publish, so there's something for the teacher as well.

Worst case scenario, noone will see it and that's that.

So lets leave this hypothetical room and sleep on it.

Don't forget to put on your modesty coats before you leave ;).



PS: This is all I wanted to say about the Manifesto. I was overwhelmed by all the shares, likes, tweets and retweets it got. I am really happy that so many people could relate to it. I wasn't mad, I wasn't upset. It was just that I could finally find the words to describe something that myself and a lot of friends and colleagues of mine have experienced at some point in our professional life. Thanks for all the props guys. Keep on solving. 

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